The Best Graphic Design Agencies

Graphic design is arguably the most creative part of any company. It’s also the part that’s responsible for establishing the branding, identity, personality, and appeal of a company, which makes designers critical to company success.

If you don’t have an in-house graphic design department, then you need an agency to help your business get the perfect branding. Fortunately, our list of the best graphic design agencies in the world can help you out.

Below, you’ll find a list of agencies that our cutting-edge ranking algorithm has evaluated based on concrete success criteria, including previous client designs, years of experience, pricing, exclusivity, revenue (if available), and more.

It’s not easy to work with all of these agencies — in fact, some of them are booked solid, and they might not even be able to take you if you wanted. Still, it’s important to have a list of the graphic design agencies that can give you the best results for your dollar, and that’s exactly what we aimed to do.

RankCompanyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
Happy CogWebsite$$$$$Philadephia, PA
PalantirWebsite$$$$Chicago, IL
Orbit Media StudiosWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
FruitionWebsite$$$$Denver, CO
Chaotic Moon StudiosWebsite$$$$$Austin, TX
SourcebitsWebsite$$$$San Francisco, CA
Spigot DesignWebsite$$$Park City, UT
PaperStreet Web DesignWebsite$$$$Fort Lauderdale, FL
InsideOut Solutions Inc.Website$$$Sequim, WA
Blue Fountain Media Website$$$$$$$New York, NY


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March 2018 Graphic Design Agency Rankings

For this month, our top-ranked graphic design agencies are diverse. They’re from a variety of areas, and they have huge differences in prices. That means almost any company can find a graphic design agency in this list that can help them get the results they want!

Happy Cog is the #1 graphic design agency on our list. They’re headquartered in the City of Brotherly Love, and they have a long track record of success when it comes to graphic design. Some of their most prominent clients include MTV, Georgetown University, Harvard Business School, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With a client history like that, you can be sure they’re quality.

Palantir is another heavy hitter when it comes to graphic design. Based out of Chicago, you can find their work published by a number of universities, institutions, and non-profits. Their exceptional graphic design prowess comes from a large staff of talented designers that have distinguished themselves in their field.

Orbit Media Studios earns third place on our list. They’re also headquartered in Chicago, and their long list of clients is just as distinguished as our last two agencies. They’ve worked with local clubs, regional wineries, theaters, doctors, and more.

Why Make a List?

We think it’s important that you and companies like you can find the agency help they need for any projects that you have. If you’re performing a major company overhaul like re-branding, there are agencies that can help. And if you just want an agency that can design your newsletters, you can find them right here.

However, with all of our years of experience, we know that our list of the best graphic design agencies isn’t ranked according to whether or not they can help you, specifically.

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for an agency just because we list it — you should evaluate it for yourself, too. Contact multiple agencies and talk to them to get more information about their services. See if they’re a good fit. You wouldn’t hire an employee without thoroughly interviewing them and checking their references, and you should take the same approach to hiring an agency.

Our recommendations are based on a proprietary algorithm we created to evaluate different agencies around the world. We’re confident in its results, and we hope that this list helps you find an agency that can help you as well.

If you have any questions about how our algorithm ranks agencies or why we do it in the first place, feel free to contact us for more information. We’re happy to hear from people who use our list, and we hope you can find an agency that suits your needs.

Still want to see more graphic design agencies? Check out our full list of the best graphic design agencies now!

RankCompanyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
Big DropWebsite$$$$New York, NY
RaizlabsWebsite$$$$$Boston, MA
Bizzuka, Inc.Website$$$$$Lafayette, LA
Lounge LizardWebsite$$$$New York, NY
FINEWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, CA
R2integratedWebsite$$$$$Baltimore, MD
MAXBURSTWebsite$$$$Farmingdale, NY
Lift Interactive Inc.Website$$$$$Edmonton, Canada
Atomic MotionWebsite$$$$ Ottawa, Canada
CubertoWebsite$$$St. Petersburg, Russia
Straight NorthWebsite$$$$$Downers Grove, IL
BluecadetWebsite$$$$$Philadephia, PA
Plaudit DesignWebsite$$$$Saint Paul, MN
DotcomWeaversWebsite$$$Paramus, NJ
Definition 6Website$$$$Atlanta, GA
EIGHT25MEDIAWebsite$$$$Fremont, CA
Elite InfoworldWebsite$Ahmedabad, India
IntechnicWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
KiwiTechWebsite$$New York, NY
doejoWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
talonX Creative AgencyWebsite$$$$Calgary, Canada
AddWeb SolutionWebsite$Ahmedabad, India
Unleaded GroupWebsite$$$$$Denver, CO
Bowen MediaWebsite$$$$New York, NY
The Design PeopleWebsite$$$El Segundo, CA
new targetWebsite$$$$Alexandria, VA
GoingClear InteractiveWebsite$$$$Boston, MA
SFCDWebsite$$$$New York, NY
EMS InternetWebsite$$$$$$$Warrington, UK
Forge and SmithWebsite$$$$New Westminster, Canada
DigiClayWebsite$Indore, India
iPhone DeveloperWebsite$$Chicago, IL
WebTekWebsite$$$Ephrata, PA
Lform DesignWebsite$$$$Verona, NJ
LocomotiveWebsite$$$$Montreal, Canada
Cynexis MediaWebsite$$$Columbus, OH
Bright Bright GreatWebsite$$$$Chicago, IL
Webtivity Design SolutionsWebsite$$$Bradenton, FL
ICONA INCWebsite$$$$$Calgary, Canada
MightybytesWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
RedwebWebsite$$$$$London, UK
Activate MediaWebsite$$$$London, UK
Station FourWebsite$$$$Jacksonville, FL
EL PassionWebsite$$$Warsaw, Poland
Poetic SystemsWebsite$$$$Houston, TX
ConstructiveWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
Taoti CreativeWebsite$$$$Washington, DC
South Florida Web Design StudioWebsite$$$Hollywood, FL
Gravity SwitchWebsite$$$$$Northampton, MA
DesignzillasWebsite$$$$$Orlando, FL
studio umbrellaWebsite$$$Los Angeles, CA
BluetentWebsite$$$$$Carbondale, CO
Wholegrain DigitalWebsite$$$$London, UK
Black Bear Design Group, Inc.Website$$$$Atlanta, GA
Chilid AgencyWebsite$$Gliwice, Poland
High Level MarketingWebsite$$$$$$$West Bloomfield, MI
Push10 Design StudiosWebsite$$$$Philadelphia, PA
LLT GroupWebsite$$$$Naperville, IL
Clap CreativeWebsite$$$Los Angeles, CA
Your MajestyWebsite$$$$$$New York, NY
WDG | Web Development GroupWebsite$$$$Alexandria, VA
Red CherryWebsite$$$$Calgary, Canada
YIKES, Inc.Website$$$$$Philadelphia, PA
kohactiveWebsite$$$$Chicago, IL
Cyber-DuckWebsite$$$$$Elstree, UK
Fairhead CreativeWebsite$$$$Tallahassee, FL
BASICWebsite$$$$$San Diego, CA
Moove AgencyWebsite$$$$$London, UK
A.S. Designs & ServicesWebsite$$$Hilo, HI
Fresh Tilled SoilWebsite$$$$$$$Watertown, MA
BeyondWebsite$$$$$$San Francisco, CA
3plainsWebsite$$$$Shakopee, MN
Smashing IdeasWebsite$$$$$Seattle, WA
SumatoSoftWebsite$$Minsk, Belarus
Integration New Media, Inc. (INM)Website$$$$Montreal, Canada
Old City PressWebsite$$$Alexandria, VA
AppSquadz TechnologiesWebsite$Noida, India
Spry DigitalWebsite$$$$St. Louis, MO
XTOPOLYWebsite$$$$San Francisco, CA
IdeaWork StudiosWebsite$$$$$$New York City, NY
Cymax MediaWebsite$$$Larkspur, CO
Kinex MediaWebsite$$$$Mississauga, Canada
IcreonTechWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
TP1Website$$$$$Montreal, Canada
Lead to ConversionWebsite$$$$Hudson, OH
Kirksville Web DesignWebsite$$$Kirksville, MO
ExygyWebsite$$$$$$San Francisco, CA
CreativedashWebsite$$$$$Roseville, CA
FollowbrightWebsite$$$$Frisco, CO
Design SpinnersWebsite$$$Los Angeles, CA