The Best SEO Agencies of 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critically important to your business’s success online, and without it, your competition can easily steal traffic and customers from your website.

There’s no question that SEO is complicated, so finding an SEO agency that is right for you can be complicated as well. If you’re ready to perform due diligence and find potential partners for your business, this list of the best SEO agencies is the perfect place to start!

RankCompanyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
Nix SolutionsVisit Website$$$$Kharkov
WebFXVisit Website$$$Harrisburg, PA
FruitionVisit Website$$$$Denver, CO
Wildnet TechnologiesWebsite$New York, NY
BoostabilityWebsite$$Lehi, UT
SEOValley Solutions Private LimitedWebsite$Bhopal, India
FomaxtechWebsite$Bangalore, India
HyperArtsWebsite$$$$Oakland, California
BuiltVisibleWebsite$$$London, UK
Kuno CreativeWebsite$$$$$Avon, OH

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January 2019 SEO Agency Rankings

Our rankings show a wide range of different agencies. They’re located around the world, and they have a huge range of pricing options available for any company that wants to improve its online marketing.

Our front runner is Nix Solutions, an international company specializing in web design, development and marketing. Since 1994, they have been helping clients achieve target business outcomes using technology.

Our runner-up is WebFX, a full-service Internet marketing agency that’s based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. WebFX is home to more than 200 industry experts that have a combined 1.6 million hours of expertise in the field. The agency has distinguished itself over the past several years with several awards, and their young staff — mostly made of Millennials — has a track record of success.

They are a full-service Internet marketing firm that provides SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, custom content production, design, development, reputation management, and more, and they have an impressive 91% retention rate with their customers.

In third, we have Fruition, a smaller agency based out of Denver. Fruition has differentiated itself from other SEO agencies by providing far more than simple SEO services.

They also purchase businesses, work on Google penalties, and more to ensure their clients and subsidiary websites earn profits for years to come. They also provide development and design services including health care platforms, native mobile apps, e-commerce design and development, user experience and managed hosting. In addition, they also provide paid search management, email marketing, digital signage and reputation management.

Choosing the perfect SEO agency

It takes a lot of time and consideration to pick out the best SEO agency to work with your business. SEO work can be expensive, and it can take a lot of time since it depends on search engine algorithms and updates. Beyond that, the whole industry can change overnight if Google makes an announcement about something new. Like we said before, SEO is complicated.


That’s why it’s so important for you to contact the agencies that you think would work for you. They all deal with the same principles — you just have to find the one that is the perfect mix of professionalism, timeliness, and quality to match your needs.

Professional SEO agencies are characterized by their ability to help clients without using any shady or “black hat” tactics. An SEO agency should never discuss buying links, deceiving search engine users, or sending unsolicited emails, since all of those could wind up hurting your business in the long-run. Instead, they should discuss long-term results, steady increases in business, and actionable recommendations.

You should also find an SEO agency that’s timely, able to respond to your questions or comments ideally within the same day. This means you can stay in contact with your agency at all times to make sure you know what they’re doing with your business’s valuable name. It also means you should look around for an agency that shares a time zone with you so your work hours overlap as much as possible.

Last, you need to make sure an SEO agency is a quality business. Take the time to get to know their company a little, and find out who you’d be working with if you chose to partner with them. You should have a dedicated representative with a direct line, and they should enjoy their job. If an agency shows any signs of low morale, disrespect, or unhappiness, you can bet that they won’t work hard for your results.

Want more options for your SEO needs? Check out our complete list of the best in the industry!

Top 100 SEO Companies


RankCompanyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
NIX SolutionsVisit Website$$$$Kharkov
WebpageFXVisit Website$$$Harrisburg, PA
FruitionVisit Website$$$$Denver
Wild Net TechnologiesWebsite$NYC
BoostabilityWebsite$$Lehi, UT
SEO Valley Solutions Private LimitedWebsite$Bhopal, India
FomaxtechWebsite$Bangalore, India
HyperArtsWebsite$$$$Oakland, California
Built VisibleWebsite$$$$London, UK
Kuno CreativeWebsite$$$$$$Avon, OH
eStore SellerWebsite$Wyandanch, NY
Straight NorthWebsite$$$$$Downers Grove, IL
TheeDesign StudioWebsite$$$$Raleigh, NC
MAXBURSTWebsite$$$$Farmingdale, NY
Technoduce Info Solutions Pvt LtdWebsite$$Coimbatore,
FINEWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, CA
CommonPlacesWebsite$$$$Manchester, NH
GLIDEWebsite$$$$Austin, TX
August AshWebsite$$$$Bloomington, MN
Top Draw Inc.Website$$$$Edmonton,
Plaudit DesignWebsite$$$$Saint Paul, MN
ArtDriverWebsite$$$Washington, DC
Off-Road StudiosWebsite$$Lahore,
iMOBDEV Technologies Pvt LtdWebsite$Ahmedabad,
KoMarketingWebsite$$$$$Boston, MA
SteadyRainWebsite$$$$St. Louis, MO
Hanapin MarketingWebsite$$$$Bloomington, IN
UNIONWebsite$$$$Charlotte, NC
Bop DesignWebsite$$$$San Diego, CA
Lift Interactive Inc.Website$$$$$Edmonton,
WebTekWebsite$$$Ephrata, PA
Kuno CreativeWebsite$$$$$Avon, OH
LAD SolutionsWebsite$$Los Angeles, CA
TopSpot Internet MarketingWebsite$$$$Houston, TX
Heinz MarketingWebsite$$$$$Redmond, WA
WebSight DesignWebsite$$$$Sausalito, CA
Infigic Digital SolutionsWebsite$Ahmedabad,
VISIONEFXWebsite$$$$Virginia Beach, VA
Dream Warrior GroupWebsite$$$Winnetka, CA
NorthcuttWebsite$$$$Chicago, IL
talonX Creative AgencyWebsite$$$$Calgary,
PyxlWebsite$$$$$Scottsdale, AZ
DESSS INCWebsite$$Houston, TX
Thrive Internet MarketingWebsite$$$$Arlington, TX
ePageCity, Inc.Website$$$$Chicago, IL
Just Total TechWebsite$$$UK
Cynexis MediaWebsite$$$Columbus, OH
IntrapromoteWebsite$$$$Hudson, OH
Adhere CreativeWebsite$$$$Houston, TX
BusinessOnlineWebsite$$$$$San Diego, CA
Webtivity Design SolutionsWebsite$$$Bradenton, FL
inSegmentWebsite$$$$Newton, MA
9 CloudsWebsite$$$$Sioux Falls, SD
Arth I-SoftWebsite$$Ahmedabad,
ICONA INCWebsite$$$$$Calgary,
Clap CreativeWebsite$$$ Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, CA
Big Oak StudiosWebsite$$$$Richmond, VA
MightybytesWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
Hudson Integrated Web AgencyWebsite$$$$$Saddle Brook, NJ
Vision Friendly .comWebsite$$$$Naperville, IL
DigiClay - Software and Web DevelopmentWebsite$50 - 249
Mindbusy-Ecommerce Web Design CompanyWebsite$Bangalore,
Eurostep ConsultingWebsite$$$Treviso,
ZeroZen DesignWebsite$$$Ashville, NC
Ignite VisibilityWebsite$$$$San Diego, CA
BluetentWebsite$$$$$Carbondale, CO
Agile MediaWebsite$$Bucharest,
ForeFront WebWebsite$$$Dublin, OH
Webespire ConsultingWebsite$Noida,
Custom CreativesWebsite$$$Agoura Hills, CA
Black Bear Design Group, Inc.Website$$$$Atlanta, GA
SparxooWebsite$$$$Tampa, FL
Tekshapers Software SolutionWebsite$Keego Harbor, MI
Hara Partners Inc.Website$$$$New York, NY
TaxSmart Technologies Private LimitedWebsite$$Tandalja Vadodara,
Digital Third CoastWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
Irish TitanWebsite$$$$Minneapolis, MN
97th FloorWebsite$$$$$Lehi, UT
Noble StudiosWebsite$$$$$Reno, NV
Lucid Crew Web DesignWebsite$$$$Austin, TX
Hop OnlineWebsite$$$Sofia,


SEO is a complex process that involves a lot of behind-the-scenes work. With a strategy like SEO, there are also a lot of questions, so we decided to outline some of the most common ones to help you understand SEO better.

Q: How long does SEO take to work?

A: There are some Internet marketing strategies that work almost immediately — strategies like PPC and social media marketing start to work almost instantaneously. However, SEO takes a little longer to see results.

The way SEO works requires Google to pick up on the changes made. That means that the pages that you add or update have to first be indexed and cached by Google for them to improve in rankings. This can take some time — and not to mention, you likely won’t see your website shoot straight to number one.

SEO is a complex process that takes a lot of tweaking, learning, and implementing to get just right. However, when you do see the results of SEO, they are well worth it. Overall, you’ll start to see SEO results in a few months time.

Q: What does SEO include?

A: An SEO strategy includes many smaller tasks that help it to work properly. Without all of these elements working together, SEO likely won’t provide solid results. Some of the techniques used in an SEO campaign to help your website rank higher in search results include the following:

  • keyword research : Keyword research is the process of deciding what keywords you want to target on your website to bring your most valuable audience to your pages. You’ll want to target keywords that are a part of your industry —  whether they’re different products you sell, services you offer, or even your location. You should also target long-tail keywords, which are more like phrases. These are easy to rank for, because not a  lot of people try to target them. That means they’re likely easy wins for your company, and they provide super detailed information to readers. Another great thing about long-tail keywords is that typically, people that search them are ready to make a purchase because they already know exactly what they want.
  • content creation : After deciding what keywords you want to target, you’ll want to create content that uses those keywords. Your content is what will rank on search engine results pages, so it’s often called the most important part of an SEO campaign. Your content should be beneficial to readers and provide value.
  • user experience : Google wants to provide the best pages to users, and part of being a great page is ensuring that users have a great experience when they visit your website. A great user experience ensures that your pages load quickly, your site is responsive on all devices, and that you provide easy-to-use navigation. It’s also important to make sure that you include images and graphics to break up large walls of text.

Q: Can I do SEO on my own?

A: Many people wonder if they can do SEO on their own, and the truth is, you can! There are certain elements of an SEO campaign that you can definitely do as a business owner, including writing the content, providing images for your pages, and doing keyword research. The question that should really be answered is whether or not you have the time to handle an SEO campaign.

For SEO to work, you have to give the campaign a lot of TLC. You have to tweak things and analyze the changes, add content frequently, and consistently keep up with the competition. That being said, many people find it easier to hire an experienced  SEO agency to ensure that their campaign stays on track.

With a list like the one we’ve provided, it should be pretty easy to find one!

Final thoughts on choosing an SEO agency

It may seem excessive to pursue all of these criteria for every single SEO agency you examine, but this kind of attention to detail is essential to tell the good from the bad. It’s the same for every industry, too — you never want to blindly sign a contract or throw money at a problem without completely understanding your options.

That’s why we created this list in the first place. Finding an SEO agency to work with your company is hard enough already. We wanted to make it a little easier for everyone to find their ideal marketing partner.

This is especially true for new businesses. Small companies and startups need marketing assistance much more than established brands. At these smaller businesses, you have to climb through the ranks of your competitors to get customers, and that’s a big enough challenge all on its own.

SEO agencies are intended to help you push through those competitors to get the best brand exposure, awareness, and customer following that you possibly can.

Is it easy? No. But that’s why you pay for an SEO company’s services.

The most important thing you can do is make sure an SEO company means business. Evaluate them as thoroughly as you can, and when you finally have your choices narrowed down, vet them even more.

The last thing you want is to be stuck with an SEO company that doesn’t work for your needs.

With our list, you minimize that chance to practically zero.

You just have to figure out which agency is right for you.

Want more information?

We think it’s important that we’re as transparent as possible when it comes to our rankings. If you have any questions about how our algorithm evaluated these SEO agencies, please contact us today! We can give you as much information as you need to make sure that you’re on the right track to finding the best SEO agency for your business.