The Best Traditional Marketing Agencies

Marketing is a massive industry worth billions of dollars. The industry itself has millions of companies, along with a long list of advertising elite.

But the biggest ad agencies aren’t necessarily the best. In fact, you can get a lot of value — and a better ROI — from a small agency that understands you than a big agency that treats you like you’re another paycheck.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of the absolute best traditional marketing agencies in the world. These agencies are the top-notch suppliers of television, radio, billboard, newspaper, and other traditional-style ads.

Even with the proliferation of the Internet, these agencies still represent the best of the best in marketing.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which you choose.

RankAgencyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
Ogilvy & MatherWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
R/GAWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
IDEO Website$$$$$$New York, NY
Wieden + KennedyWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
Forza MigliozziWebsite$$$$$$$Hollywood, CA
Forge WorldwideWebsite$$$$$Boston, MA
Young & RubicamWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
FleishmanHillardWebsite$$$$$$New York, NY
GreyWebsite$$$$$$New York, NY
Droga5Website$$$$$$New York, NY


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March 2018 Traditional Marketing Agencies

Ogilvy & Mather is one of the most well-known ad agencies in the world. Founded in 1948, they’re a legend in the ad industry and frequently used as the industry’s “gold standard.”

Ogilvy & Mather has a rich history that details its steady climb to the top of the advertising industry, including being the first agency to work with The Hershey Company and taking on other high-profile clients like Merrill Lynch.

Today, Ogilvy & Mather continually gives its clients unique, creative marketing solutions that deliver excellent returns.

R/GA is another ad agency based in New York. It was founded in 1977, and since then it’s expanded to eight different countries with 13 offices.

R/GA doesn’t just work with commercial spots — they’re also one of the foremost creators of ads in cinema and digital media.

That makes R/GA one of the most versatile agencies in the world, ensuring its clients can appeal to customers through virtually any medium and at any time.

IDEO is a leading design agency based out of New York. While design agencies typically work online only, IDEO has featured designs in all kinds of media.

Along the way, IDEO has established itself as an outstanding agency while forging valuable connections to publishers and advertising outlets throughout the globe. They’re an excellent agency for anyone looking to get top-notch design work and release it on a worldwide scale.

The Best Traditional Marketing Agencies

RankAgencyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
Wingman AdvertisingWebsite$$$$$Los Angeles, CA
Deutsch Website$$$$$$New York, NY
Sid LeeWebsite$$$$$$Montreal, Canada
McCann EricksonWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
JJR Marketing, Inc. Website$$$$$$Naperville, IL
72andSunnyWebsite$$$$$$$Los Angeles, CA
OtherwiseWebsite$$$$$$Chicago, IL
Definition 6Website$$$$$Atlanta, GA
BASICWebsite$$$$$$San Diego, CA
AnomalyWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
360i Website$$$$$New York, NY
Fearless MediaWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
Englishman Consulting Website$$$$$$$London, United Kingdom
AMP AgencyWebsite$$$$$$Boston, MA
Imagination PublishingWebsite$$$$$$$Chicago, IL
TractionWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, CA
Omnicom Group, Inc.Website$$$$$$$New York, NY
Magnetic Creative Website$$$$$$$Temecula, CA
BlueTreeDigital Website$$$$$$Reston, VA
Leo BurnettWebsite$$$$$$$Chicago, IL
AKQAWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
Saatchi & SaatchiWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
DeksiaWebsite$$$$$$Urbandale, IA
RosettaWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
DDBWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
WPPWebsite$$$$$$London, UK
Publicis WorldwideWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
Dentsu Website$$$$$$Tokyo, Japan
Catch 24 Website$$$$$$$New York, NY
Coming of AgeWebsite$$$$$$Lisle, IL
Flynaut, LLCWebsite$$$$$$$Atlanta, GA
Butchershop CreativeWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, CA
Naked Penguin BoyWebsite$$$$$$$London, UK
FUSEIDEASWebsite$$$$$$Boston, MA
MekanismWebsite$$$$$$$San Francisco, CA
Your MajestyWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
J. Walter Thompson WorldwideWebsite$$$$$$$New York, NY
Britannia CommunicationsWebsite$$$$$$London, UK
EdelmanWebsite$$$$$$$Chicago, IL
Sensis Website$$$$$Melbourne, AU


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