Top 100 Web Design Agencies

The overall design of a company’s website is essential to its online success. Web design is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world, and in order to stay current, you need a designer with cutting-edge expertise and skills who can get the results you want online.

But not every company has an on-staff web designer. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to hire an outside agency. Or maybe a company needs an objective third party to offer an opinion. Or maybe a business would prefer a whole team of designers instead of just one.

Whatever your reason, our cutting-edge algorithm has ranked the best web design agencies in the world. Below, you’ll find a list of each agency’s name, website, pricing, and location.

Many of these agencies operate within the United States, but a few operate overseas. While not all of these agencies employ native English-speakers, their work with American or British companies has proven that they’re effective communicators, even when there’s a language barrier.

If you’re looking for the best possible designers to make your website the best it can be, these agencies are the cream of the crop.

RankCompanyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
Happy CogWebsite$$$$$Philadephia, PA
Orbit Media StudiosWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
FruitionWebsite$$$$Denver, CO
Spigot DesignWebsite$$$Park City, UT
PaperStreet Web DesignWebsite$$$$Fort Lauderdale, FL
InsideOut Solutions Inc.Website$$$Sequim, WA
Blue Fountain Media Website$$$$$$$New York, NY
Big Drop Website$$$$New York, NY
Bizzuka, Inc.Website$$$$$Lafayette, LA
FINEWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, CA

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June 2024 Web Design Agency Rankings

This month, our list of the best web design agencies is a who’s who of exceptional companies.

Happy Cog tops our list as the best web design agency in the industry. They’re a diverse agency that handles a variety of requests from lots of nationwide brands. They’ve earned those high-level clients with outstanding websites and pages that give their clients the results they want.

Orbit Media Studios is an all-in-one agency that’s earned credibility in both graphic and web design. They create their clients’ websites from scratch to deliver a unique, exceptional product with a modern appeal. With consistent, reliable results from creative personalities, Orbit Media Studios is truly one of the best web design agencies.

Fruition is a top Internet marketing agency that excels at web design. Their huge range of clients includes companies from nearly every industry, and their results speak for themselves. With sleek layouts, clear navigation, and unique websites for every client, Fruition is a clear front-runner in web design.


RankCompanyWebsitePricing LevelLocation
R2integratedWebsite$$$$$Baltimore, MD
MAXBURSTWebsite$$$$Farmingdale, NY
Atomic MotionWebsite$$$$Ottawa, Canada
Straight NorthWebsite$$$$$Downers Grove, IL
BluecadetWebsite$$$$$Philadephia, PA
Plaudit DesignWebsite$$$$Saint Paul, MN
DotcomWeaversWebsite$$$Paramus, NJ
Definition 6Website$$$$Atlanta, GA
EIGHT25MEDIAWebsite$$$$Fremont, CA
IntechnicWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
doejoWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
talonX Creative AgencyWebsite$$$$Calgary, Canada
AddWeb SolutionWebsite$Ahmedabad, India
Unleaded GroupWebsite$$$$$Denver, CO
Bowen MediaWebsite$$$$New York, NY
The Design PeopleWebsite$$$El Segundo, CA
new targetWebsite$$$$Alexandria, VA
GoingClear InteractiveWebsite$$$$Boston, MA
Forge and SmithWebsite$$$$New Westminster, Canada
WebTekWebsite$$$Ephrata, PA
Lform DesignWebsite$$$$Verona, NJ
Cynexis MediaWebsite$$$Columbus, OH
Bright Bright GreatWebsite$$$$Chicago, IL
Webtivity Design SolutionsWebsite$$$Bradenton, FL
MightybytesWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
ConstructiveWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
Taoti CreativeWebsite$$$$Washington, DC
South Florida Web Design StudioWebsite$$$Hollywood, FL
Gravity SwitchWebsite$$$$$Northampton, MA
DesignzillasWebsite$$$$$Orlando, FL
studio umbrellaWebsite$$$Los Angeles, CA
BluetentWebsite$$$$$Carbondale, CO
Wholegrain DigitalWebsite$$$$London, UK
Black Bear Design Group, Inc.Website$$$$Atlanta, GA
High Level MarketingWebsite$$$$$$$West Bloomfield, MI
Push10 Design StudiosWebsite$$$$Philadelphia, PA
LLT GroupWebsite$$$$Naperville, IL
Your MajestyWebsite$$$$$$New York, NY
Red CherryWebsite$$$$Calgary, Canada
YIKES, Inc.Website$$$$$Philadelphia, PA
BASICWebsite$$$$$San Diego, CA
Moove AgencyWebsite$$$$$London, UK
A.S. Designs & ServicesWebsite$$$Hilo, HI
Fresh Tilled SoilWebsite$$$$$$$Watertown, MA
3plainsWebsite$$$$Shakopee, MN
SumatoSoftWebsite$$Minsk, Belarus
Old City PressWebsite$$$Alexandria, VA
IdeaWork StudiosWebsite$$$$$$New York City, NY
TP1Website$$$$$Montreal, Canada
Lead to ConversionWebsite$$$$Hudson, OH
Kirksville Web DesignWebsite$$$Kirksville, MO
FollowbrightWebsite$$$$Frisco, CO
ePageCity, Inc.Website$$$$Chicago, IL
Alley InteractiveWebsite$$$$$New York, NY
Jordan CrownWebsite$$$$Everett, WA
Infinite Web DesignsWebsite$$$$Danbury, CT
Kaleidoscope Consulting GroupWebsite$$$Los Angeles, CA
Ape Unit GmbHWebsite$$$$Berlin, Germany
GreatCircle StudiosWebsite$$$Clearwater, FL
Studio 5 InnovationWebsite$$$$Seattle, WA
HMG CreativeWebsite$$$$Austin, TX
MPC StudiosWebsite$$$$$McAllen, TX
Buildrr LLCWebsite$$$Longwood, FL
PhuseWebsite$$$$Austin, TX
Cazarin InteractiveWebsite$$$$$$$Minneapolis, MN
LemonteaWebsite$$$Bialystok, Poland
Level LevelWebsite$$$$Rotterdam, Netherlands
Web Designer HoustonWebsite$$$$Houston, TX
Indigo ImageWebsite$$$$Lincolnshire, IL
CAKE Websites & MoreWebsite$$$$Asheville, NC
Sideways8 InteractiveWebsite$$$$Atlanta, GA
ImagineWebsite$$$$Manassas, VA
Ambition InsightWebsite$$$$Fort Lauderdale, FL
DOOR3Website$$$$$$$New York, NY
The MechanismWebsite$$$$New York, NY
EDUCOWebsite$$$$$Oak Park, IL
Zinavo TechnologiesWebsite$$$$$$$Bangalore, India
Tempo CreativeWebsite$$$Scottsdale, AZ
L+RWebsite$$$$Brooklyn, NY
PragmaticWebsite$$$$$Brighton, UK
Bonsai Media GroupWebsite$$$$$Seattle, WA
LaunchPad LabWebsite$$$$$Chicago, IL
Operation TechnologyWebsite$$$Chicago, IL
Email ChopperWebsite$$$$$$$Noida, India
MateriellWebsite$$$$Arlington, VA
Razorfrog Web DesignWebsite$$$$$San Francisco, CA
Illusio DesignWebsite$$$$Portland, OR
iBlazing IT Services Pvt. Ltd.Website$Ahmedabad, India
Austin Web and DesignWebsite$$$Austin, TX
ChetaruWebsite$$Indore, India

What does a web design agency do?

Of course a web design agency creates an aesthetically pleasing website for your company, but there is a lot of behind-the-scenes action that goes on to ensure that your website looks its  best.

A web design agency doesn’t just have an entire team of web designers, they also have developers, graphic designers, and project managers who help the job run smoothly.

When you contact a web design agency, chances are you’ll be speaking with a project manager. This is your point of contact that will help communicate your goals and design ideas to the designer himself.

After you’ve given them a good idea of what you’re looking for in a web design, a designer will create a wireframe based on what you’re looking for. This will help to give you a visual of what to expect so that you can alter any final details before the website goes into production.

After the website is designed, it will have to be developed and launched. This is where the developers come in. Of course it’s not enough to simply launch a website, but to ensure that it’s working properly, your website will also be tested.

After everything is said and done, you’ll have a shiny new website to call your own.

Overall, a web design agency doesn’t just design, but they partner with you to communicate your needs, create a stunning design, develop and launch your design, and finally test it to ensure it’s working properly.

How to choose a web design agency

When you’re looking for an outside agency, you have to look at all of your options thoroughly so you can find one that’s right for you. Our experienced in-house web designers have found the design companies that they believe are the best — but if you check out the #1 spot and discover that it’s not a good fit for you, that’s okay. As great as they are, the #1 web design agency just isn’t a good fit for everyone.

There could be a lot of reasons for this decision, including concerns over price, goals, time zones, personability, and professionalism.

Price is one of the most important factors in finding an agency since you have to stick to your budget if you want to succeed. Finding an agency that works for your needs won’t mean much if you can’t afford their fees. And if you’re not a big-name company that has an unlimited marketing budget, you’ll probably have to go for something more affordable.

It’s also important to figure out how an agency stacks up to your goals for your business. One agency might brag about the amount of traffic that it brings to its clients’ sites, but if you’re focused on customer conversion, that agency won’t help you very much. Then again, if your site converts customers well and you just want to increase the quantity of leads you receive, that agency could be perfect!

One of the most frequently-overlooked factors about a design agency is the time zone that it’s in. Businesses may not think about this at first, but it can quickly become an issue if you want fast, detailed responses to your questions. If you work with an agency across the country, you’ll have a three-hour delay that you’ll have to consider every time you make a call or send an email, and that can really add up.

Personability is also a huge factor for a lot of businesses as well. Basically, can you meet face-to-face with the people who will work on your behalf? If you want to start your relationship with a web designer with a handshake, it’d be a bad idea to partner with an agent in Poland when you’re in California. But if you’re comfortable conducting business through email and video chat, you might not need that physical presence to hire an agency!

Last, there’s professionalism, or how an agency presents itself to potential clients. Web designers have a reputation for acting more laid back than marketers and accountants, for example, but that doesn’t mean they’re unprofessional. If they treat you, your company, and your questions with respect, then you can bet that they’ll be professional enough to handle an ongoing relationship.


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