Does Your Business Need an App?


Does it feel like every business but yours has an app? Are you thinking it might be time for your company to jump into the app sphere? You’re certainly not alone. Many organizations are considering creating an app, and trying to determine if it’s the right move to make.

Only you can make the final decision on whether or not to go the app route, but you should consider the advantages that can come with having one:

Accessibility. An app can help you be much more accessible to smartphone users. With a tap, they can connect to your site. This means they won’t have to search to find what they need or want. When you make things easier on the customer, the customer tends to reciprocate by making more purchases.

Visibility. Every time your app is downloaded onto a smartphone, the user will see it on a regular basis. It’s like free advertising. Even if the smartphone user doesn’t click on your app right away, it will always be available. Eventually, your company will start to seem familiar, which means a sale is more likely when the smartphone user is ready to buy.

Connectivity. Looking for a way to directly connect with customers or prospective customers? You can send notifications through your app to directly reach consumers. It’s instantaneous, and research shows that pushing messages and notifications increase app usage and responses to calls-to-action.

Brand Extension and Relationship Building. The app is an extension of your brand, so you should use it to create and foster meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers. You can also offer app-only coupons and specials to show your appreciation for users.

Fast Purchases. If your customers tend to make purchases through your website, whether for merchandise or service, why not make it simpler for them? Your business app can allow them to program their information with a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account, allowing for fast purchasing or making payments using a smartphone. You will receive funds quickly, and they’ll only have to spend minimal time completing a transaction.

Loyalty. A loyalty program is a natural extension of having an app. For instance, some restaurants and retailers enjoy giving customers app punch cards. After gaining a specific number of punches, a special discount or gift is unlocked via the app.

Scheduling Ease.
Scheduling apps can help solve your scheduling problems. If a customer can conveniently schedule an appointment through an app, they’ll be more likely to keep using your company in the future.

Customer Service. If your customers could receive the customer service they expect through an app, it could save you money and help solve routine problems.

If any of these benefits appeal to you, it may be time to investigate the development of an app for your organization. Unless you have someone on your team who is well versed in app design and implementation, it’s probably wise to look for an experienced agency — one that will provide you with a professional app that works well and gives you an advantage over the competition.

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