Should You Hire a PR Agency?


It’s no secret that traditional PR is somewhat outdated. Pessimists report that it’s on the cusp of death, while optimists say it’s merely evolving. No matter how you view traditional PR’s glass, one thing is clear if you’re thinking about hiring a PR agency: Internet marketing strategies can help you reach the same goals.

Let’s take a closer look at how traditional marketing differs from Internet marketing, as well as the ways Internet marketing can replace hiring a PR agency.

Traditional marketing

When most people think of traditional marketing, they think about business cards, billboards, print advertisements, and commercials. Anything that’s not digital but is used to market your brand is considered traditional marketing. Referrals and networking are also considered a part of traditional marketing, as long as they aren’t completed digitally.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing continues to evolve rapidly as new technology becomes available. Your website, social media interactions, SEO efforts, and PPC campaigns are under the broad umbrella of “Internet marketing.” Basically, it includes all aspects of your marketing strategy that take place online.

Internet marketing is an inbound strategy, and its goal is for people to find you online. You can publish content or pay for online advertising to reach this goal, but the idea is that people will familiarize themselves with your brand. You will hopefully earn their trust through your online efforts, build a rapport with them, and they will eventually become a customer.

If you’re considering hiring a PR agency, it’s worth taking a closer look at how, specifically, Internet marketing tactics can accomplish your goals. Here are three popular forms of Internet marketing:

  • Social media. Think of social media as a way to interact with your audience. Social media gives you an opportunity to put a voice to your brand and to engage consistently with your audience on a deeper level than you could with traditional advertising. After you gain a following, you can theoretically reach a large number of people with a single post.

What’s even better is that with well-maintained social media profiles, you can initiate conversations with your audience and reach them on a personal level. Instead of waiting for someone to call you after seeing your ad in a newspaper or magazine, you can spark online conversations with people who are already interested in your brand.

  • Search engine optimization. If people can’t find your business online, you’re lagging behind your competition. People today no longer turn to the yellow pages to find information — they expect to find what they need with a simple Google search.

For example, if you offer plumbing services in Gotham City, people in need of a plumber in that area should be able to enter “plumbers Gotham City” into a search engine and easily find your website and contact information. Once you know the search terms that will bring people to your website, you should include them naturally throughout your website and in any content you post online.

  • Content marketing. Just as people expect to find your website, they expect to find high-quality content that will prove you’re worthy of their business. If you don’t offer any valuable information on your website or social media, how will anyone know they can trust you to replace their hot water heater or handle their personal finances?

Whatever your industry or specialty, you have something valuable to share. Write blogs, white papers, and guides, and create infographics and videos to share with your audience. The more knowledge you offer, the more your audience will trust you — and turn to you when they’re in need of your services.

Work with a trusted Internet marketing team

It can be overwhelming to think about launching your own digital marketing campaign. Between monitoring social media, creating content, and updating your website, you might wonder how you will have time to run your business. Instead of hiring a PR agency, consider hiring an experienced Internet marketing team to attract the right people to you online.

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