How to Use Graphic Design for Marketing


Strategically, many marketers focus their sights in directions other than graphic design. They have fallen prey to the notion that graphic design is a visual element that adds aesthetic appeal, but doesn’t drive calls-to-action. Actually, graphic design can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool when it’s used correctly. Not only will it help add depth and dimension to every page, advertisement, or social media post, but it can also become a beacon for online readers.

Ways Graphic Designs Can Enhance Marketing

Graphic designs can become strong enhancements for any internet marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a way to boost your marketing return-on-investment, try these suggestions:

  • Add infographics: The infographic has really become a staple as a part of every clever marketer’s toolkit. Readers enjoy being able to not only read infographics, but also to share them. This helps you build valuable links back to your website. A well-placed, well-researched, attractively created infographic is a sticky attribute. Just make sure your infographic makes sense and is compelling for the viewer.
  • Improve your site appearance: What kind of first impression is your site making on visitors? Are they wowed by how it looks, or do they instantly see stale, boring webpages? One of the tried-and-true ways to improve your site appearance is with high-quality graphics and graphic designs. It’s worth it to pay extra to get the highest-quality graphic designs you can, because they help keep readers from immediately bouncing off your page. Plus, they make any sized business look more professional.
  • Design a stellar logo: Is your logo in need of an upgrade? If it doesn’t stand out or help people understand what your company does, you may want to embark on a redesign. Changing your logo isn’t something you need to do often, but even the biggest corporations overhaul their logo graphics once in a while. Your logo will have a fresh, new appeal, which should trigger more positive responses from potential customers.
  • Add images to all your blog pages: Do you have a blog that’s up and running? Find amazing graphics for every blog post you offer the public. Visitors are driven by eye-catching designs and will be more likely to not only read your blog post, but also share it on social media. Plus, when you add your blog post update to your social media account, the image you’ve chosen will go along with it.
  • Consider one type of graphic image for all your marketing: What do we mean by this? Consider how some companies have managed to maintain a high degree of sameness in all their graphics. Perhaps they like to use hand-drawn graphics for their webpages, logo, and advertisements. Maybe they always rely on the work of one particular photographer with a very distinctive style. If you can maintain this level of individualization and customization across all your web-based marketing, you’ll be telling the world a story. You’ll also be making your brand more compelling by adding a specific look to it.
  • Choose the right typography for your business: Don’t forget that typography is a form of graphic design. Some companies even choose to have designers make their own typography. It isn’t necessary to go that far, but it might be worth it to conduct an A/B split with landing pages that have headlines in different typography styles.
  • Add graphics to your internet advertisements: Just as people are more drawn to webpages and blog posts with graphics, the same is true for internet advertisements. If possible, add graphics to your ads as a way of illustrating your services and/or products.

When you want to re-imagine the business face you show the world, remember that graphic design can be your secret marketing weapon. Use graphics to your advantage, and boost your revenue streams.

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