The Advantages of Working With an Agency


As a business professional, you have two distinctive choices when searching for help for your search engine optimization (SEO), web design and marketing needs. The first is to hire freelancers to handle or more of the responsibilities. The second is to hire a full-service agency to take care of everything.

Sometimes hiring freelancers makes sense, but general experience and wisdom point to the benefits of working with an agency. Here are some of the top reasons:

Expertise. At an agency, you receive the advantage of working with numerous people who are experts at what they do. For instance, the agency will likely have someone on the team to focus on SEO, another who only does web design and development, and others to handle marketing and content duties. The collective level of expertise provides you with a deep source of knowledge that goes beyond anything one person could offer.

One Stop Shopping. It’s much easier when you can depend on one entity to satisfy your Internet marketing and SEO requirements. You only have to make one phone call to receive answers your questions. If you work with numerous freelancers, you’ll have to call each of them with questions — and that takes time.

Proven Results. Agencies spend a lot of time developing case studies, so you can see what you’re getting for your investment. They have the resources to showcase how they’ve worked with clients like you. Freelancers may have testimonials, but most are single-run entities that don’t have comprehensive case studies and white papers to share as testament to their abilities.

Collaboration. Let’s say you hire a freelancer to do your web design, and another to focus on on-page SEO elements. Will the two have a collaborative relationship? Can you be sure they’re working in tandem? At an agency, every aspect of your web development and design will be handled collaboratively between teams and departments. This maintains the integrity of your brand image and the quality of the work you receive.

Resources. Agencies focus on making sure they have the resources to get the job done correctly. They usually have robust software packages, analytics platforms and other attributes that translate to more bang for your buck. Leading web design and development agencies are hungry to learn more, and to pass that learning on to you.

Education. Most freelancers don’t have time to attend seminars across the country, or spend precious hours at world-class conventions. This means they’re likely to be behind the times in some way. Education is important to well-respected agencies. They have the budget to ensure every member of their team is up-to-date on the newest technologies to help you achieve your goals.

Reputation. A freelancer may have a good reputation, but an agency builds its reputation rapidly, as it handles a multitude of projects simultaneously. Freelancers are naturally limited by their own abilities because they work independently.

Legality. Agencies usually have contracts that have been developed with the help of attorneys. This is valuable to you as a client, because your roles are clearly outlined.

Think you need assistance with SEO, web design, web development and/or web marketing? Contact an agency before giving the job to a freelancer.

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