Plans offered

Every digital marketing company is unique in what it offers to potential clients, and it’s the same way for the plans and pricing packages they make available. When every company has a different pricing package for their services — and some don’t even publish their pricing online — how can anyone decide which agency will give them the best deal?

small__6093701123Instead of looking at the cost of individual services, identify companies that offer monthly plans or packages. Although most companies have a per-hour rate, the best digital marketing agencies on our list were those who offered a monthly marketing plan. These plans usually give clients an allotted amount of hours or time spent each month on activities like SEO, social media, advertising, and so on. Packages may be comprehensive, including every service the agency has to offer, or split out into specific tasks (like a small monthly plan for SEO). The best agencies offer both, allowing you to create your own plan that meets your individual needs.

Avoid digital agencies that offer “one size fits all” pricing. The best marketing partners will be willing to customize their solutions to best fit your business — not theirs. Since you have unique needs, your marketing firm should be willing to meet them, and change their prices accordingly.

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