Quality of work

When you’re trying to pick a marketing agency to work with, looking for a company that creates high quality websites is probably a no-brainer, right? When you start to look for agencies, you might expect it to be easy to cut potential partners out of your list based on whether or not you like the websites they design. But once you start looking, you might be surprised by just how many of those agencies make beautiful websites!

You are fortunate to be searching for a marketing company right now, if only because so many of your options are good. Most marketing firms now employ skilled, experience graphic designers and developers who regularly create beautiful, easy to navigate, unique websites that draw in customers and impress visitors. Gone are the days of low quality sites designed in outdated software or pieced together with just a few links. We are now living in the age of creative website design.


This can make it even hard to pick a partner to work with. However, identifying the quality of a design company’s work is about more than looks. Take a deep dive into the portfolio of your potential partner (assuming they have one available online — they should!). Are the sites as functional as they are attractive? Do you like the navigation? Do they all seem similar, or do most have a unique, personalized appearance? Is the style of the company to your liking, or are their sites too modern or too boring for you?

Another way you can evaluate the quality of a potential marketing partner’s work is by reading reviews. Look at the company’s Facebook page, Yelp page, or even their Google Places page. All of these sites should have reviews and business ratings submitted by real customers. You may also be able to contact a few customers who are currently working with the company to ask about their experiences. They will give you honest and usually detailed opinions about the agency’s quality of work.

Quality isn’t the most important thing, of course. When you’re picking an agency to work with, make sure you also ask about their costs of services and the kinds of support they offer to their clients. These factors will all help you make a smart decision about the company you choose as your marketing services provider.