Cost of services

medium_1075493242Unfortunately, there is no standard for pricing when it comes to online marketing. Some companies may charge an hourly rate as low as $25 for a service, while others may ask for several hundred dollars. Cost isn’t necessarily an indication of quality, either! Since every agency has different prices for their services, it can be hard to know if you’re getting a good value.

If you’ve already looked at a few of the agency websites on our list, you may have noticed that a large number of these companies don’t publish their pricing online. Why is that? Well, it’s because they want you to contact them! It’s easier to deliver the news about the potentially high cost of services once you’ve already established a rapport with someone. A potential client who is already sold on an agency’s services and impressed by their portfolio is far less likely to say no, even if the prices are higher than they originally wanted.

small__8027644078-300x200We mentioned on our list that our algorithm gives a ranking boost to companies who published their pricing on their website. This is because we love the kind of honesty and transparency that brings to the table. Agencies that do this aren’t going to try to draw you in with the promise of results and tell you about their monthly pricing at the very end — they’re going to make sure you have the right kind of information right away. That way, you can make an informed decision about which agency to choose, instead of feeling like you can’t say no at the end of a sales pitch.

Like you, we are frustrated that there is no standard for the cost of marketing services. However, by seeking out a company that is honest about their own costs and pricing plans, you will feel better about selecting them to help with your online marketing goals.