Traditional Marketing vs. Internet Marketing


It’s easy to be confused by the idea of traditional marketing versus internet marketing. After all, internet marketing has definitely become a gold standard, making it seem more general or even traditional. However, there is still a difference between traditional marketing and internet marketing. Check out some of these clarifications:

Traditional Marketing – Usually refers to print media, broadcast media, telemarketing, and direct mail like postcards.

Internet Marketing – Typically refers to web content marketing, websites, social media platforms, online advertisements, and video marketing.

Most companies use a mixture of traditional and internet marketing, but more are spending a larger part of their budgets on internet marketing. They want the advantages of internet marketing, including those listed here.

Advantage #1: Internet Marketing Is Cost-Efficient

In the majority of cases, it costs much less for a business to get exposure using the internet as a marketing vehicle than standard print marketing platforms. This isn’t hard to understand. The internet opens the door to views from all over the world, rather than a limited area. At the same time, internet advertisements can be highly targeted to appeal only to those who are most likely to want the product or service.

Advantage #2: Internet Marketing Is Dynamic

Internet marketing has a dynamic essence that’s highly appealing. There’s a sense of give-and-take when someone clicks on a link, or is driven to a certain website. Think of it this way: An advertisement in a print magazine will likely only be seen by people who pick up that magazine. They don’t seek out the advertisement, it’s just there. When they search for something on the internet, they are opting into the process and getting instant gratification for their request.

Advantage #3: Internet Marketing Is Easier to Track

The trackability of internet marketing makes it much simpler to analyze. Tracking software from the streamlined to the complex can help you produce reports that drill down into performance. Plus, you can have several advertisements or campaigns happening simultaneously that will be automatically tracked and recorded in real time. With traditional marketing methods, someone usually has to spend time pulling together all the data. Internet marketing strategies have a built-in benefit of gathering the numbers for you. Then, you can use the analytics to improve.

Advantage #4: Internet Marketing Is Dynamic

People have moved to the internet in high numbers. Have you noticed mobile devices seem to be everywhere? So have the brightest marketers! That’s one of the reasons internet marketing is so needed. With individuals reaching for their smartphones, tablets, and laptops instead of traditional marketing materials, they’re more apt to find out about your company online than they are in a traditional forum.

Advantage #5: Internet Marketing Can Be Changed Immediately

Don’t like the way a headline on your pay-per-click ad is performing? Change it within the next hour. Want to switch up the infographic on a webpage? You can do that in a matter of minutes, as long as you have the new infographic on hand. Internet marketing can be adjusted any time you want without having to worry about reprinting anything, or re-producing commercials. Just make the alterations you want, and see if it works.

Does this mean the end of traditional marketing? No, of course not. In fact, most traditional marketing includes an internet marketing call-to-action, such as suggesting the viewer or listener go to a certain website for more information. With that said, internet marketing is a must-have solution for every company that wants to sell its goods and services to modern audiences.

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